Director/Editor: Thomas Meadmore

Short fashion film to promote Zoë, a new face at D1 Models. Featured on in May 2014. 

DOC FEAT/How to Lose Jobs & Alienate Girlfriends

Producer/Director: Thomas Meadmore

First time filmmaker follows his girlfriend and boss chase their dream as musicians. His insecurities flair while struggling to find a story, and begins challenging their flaws, on camera, jeopardizing the film, relationships and careers


Inner Fan Girl: Deacon Blue

Director/Editor: Thomas Meadmore

Like the TV industry? Go behind the scenes of ITV’s celebrity chat show ‘Weekend’ with me and my iPhone!

This week – Host Aled Jones meets his childhood idols, Scottish rock group Deacon Blue!!

MUSIC VIDEO/Monique Brumby – Underground

Director/Editor: Thomas Meadmore

New music video from Monique Brumby’s latest album ‘Half Moon Half Everything’. More


Broadcaster: Network Seven Australia
Editors: Thomas Meadmore & Joel Page

International Emmy winner for ‘Best Non-Scripted Entertainment’, 2012. ASE Editing award nominee 2011. More


Prod Co: Think Boy Think
Director/Writer: David Hawkins

Editor: Thomas Meadmore

Feature film by David Hawkins, cinematographer of Oscar Nominated short ‘The Saviour’. More

SHORT FICTION/Stairway to Eleven

Prod Co: Ashmore Films/Go Fish Films
Director/Writer/Designer: Julian Ashton

Prod/Writer/Camera/Editor: Thomas Meadmore

JOEY THUNDER dreams of the ‘rock-star’ fantasy – cool clothes, hot chicks and huge gigs. Yet on this fateful day his world falls apart only to teach him what is truly important. More

DOC SERIES/Wheeler Dealers

Broadcaster: Discovery
Editor: Thomas Meadmore

Just a segment from an episode of ‘Wheeler Dealers’ I cut. Problem gearbox. These guys tear it to shreds.

DOCO SERIES/The Odyssey – Scariest Transport in South America

Broadcaster: National Geographic Adventure
Editor: Tom Meadmore

The first episode following one man’s dangerous attempt to visit every country in the world in one year (without flying!) ends with a terrifying reality check… More